Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing in McKinney, TX

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While it can be intimidating  or overwhelming to take a step forward and schedule psychological testing, these assessments can actually help individuals to better understand their own skills and aptitudes as well as areas where they may be struggling. To learn more about psychological testing at PEARS, PLLC of McKinney, TX, you can read some of the basics on this page or contact our team any time. 

psychological testing, McKinney, TX

Reasons Psychological Assessments are Recommended

Anytime people have concerns about their emotional health, cognitive function, or behavioral concerns, a psychological assessment can help them find answers. Most people, however, only seek psychological assessment after a physician, therapist, legal counsel, or other professional has referred or recommended them to complete this testing. Some of the many reasons people may choose to go through the psychological assessment process include:

  • Refining therapy goals 
  • Determining specific diagnoses like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Struggling to regulate emotions/feeling very emotional/having mood swings
  • Emotional responses, thought patterns, or behavioral changes that limit the ability to lead a full life
  • Increasing chances for success in therapy and other treatment plans​

How Do I Schedule Assessments at PEARS, PLLC, in McKinney, TX?

Whether you’re just curious about psychological testing or you’re ready to schedule your first assessment session at PEARS, PLLC, we would love to hear from you and help with your assessment needs. You are always welcome to call or text our McKinney office at (817) 826-9572. or use our online scheduling form to get started working with us.

The Psychological Evaluation Process

Every person’s situation is unique, which is why Dr. Arduengo will create a personalized testing battery that will help us develop a complete picture of the client’s strengths, areas of weakness, and places where support or follow up treatment may be recommended. Prior to administering this personalized testing battery, we may ask that clients bring in any physician referrals, information about past whole body and mental health history, educational records, or other details that may be beneficial throughout the process. The psychological assessment we put together may include a variety of tests, including: 

  • Computerized, written, or oral tests
  • Ratings scales to evaluate the duration and level of severity of specific symptoms 
  • Academic and/or aptitude assessments
  • Cognitive, emotional, and behavioral evaluations 
  • Interviews or observation by a clinician

After Psychological Testing

After psychological testing is completed, Dr. Arduengo will review the results and create a thorough report that clearly outlines any findings as well as recommending any follow-up resources or interventions that may be beneficial. We are always happy to review the report and answer any questions you have about our findings. 

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