Psychological & Psychoeducational Testing In The North Dallas Area

PEARS – Psychological, Educational, & Related Services

If you are looking for the opportunity to learn more about what testing may look like for you or a loved one, you have come to the right place. PEARS is a psychological practice based on meeting clients where they are at, supporting them through the journey of understanding what testing is, how it can help, and when to get tested. 


PEARS offers a variety of testing services for children and adults including:

     – ADHD Assessments

     – Autism Evaluations

     – Psychological Testing

     – Dyslexia Assessments

     – Psychoeducational Assessments


For those in McKinney and surrounding areas, finding a local expert with availability may delay their chances of receiving a diagnosis. That is why PEARS works tirelessly to maintain an open schedule and availability for any individual seeking more information about services. This allows room for any potential questions or concerns to be addressed before any assessment is booked.

Waiting for answers can feel like a long game, but it is especially daunting for those neurodivergent people who are seeking crucial information that could potentially change their lives. PEARS is a psychological practice that wants to be accessible across all fronts, whether you are reaching out for more details or finally getting the accurate diagnosis that you deserve 


Local Psychological Testing For Children & Adults

PEARS offers testing services in the McKinney, TX area that provide invaluable support for both children and adults, ensuring comprehensive mental health care for the entire family. Being able to work with a testing psychologist who can potentially address the unique needs of each family member not only simplifies the process but also enhances the overall effectiveness of the interventions and support provided, promoting well-being across all ages. 

If you are an adult seeking evaluation services for yourself, then the process may look a little different, but you are welcome all the same. Some adults can function their entire life masking any neurodivergent traits that arise, but Dr. Arduengo is here to let you know that you are not alone, and answers can be found when you are ready to find them. Working with a testing psychologist who is not only experienced in helping adults recognize their neurodivergent traits but also acknowledges the struggles that can come with being diagnosed later in life can make all the difference in your assessment experience.


Learn More About Testing With PEARS Today

Dr. Arduengo prides herself on being an uplifting contributor to the neurodivergent community of McKinney and the surrounding areas by supplying ADHD, autism and, general psychological testing for children and adults. Reach out to PEARS to learn more about assessment services,  receiving a diagnosis, and anything in between! 

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