Let’s Talk Private vs School-Affiliated Psychological Testing

Let’s Talk Private vs School-Affiliated Psychological Testing

Today, this blog post outlines the differences between special education/school-based testing versus testing with a private practice. It will emphasize the care and attentiveness that a private practitioner can provide.

Is There A Difference?

Yes, there is a difference between school-based psychological evaluations and psychological evaluations completed in a private practice. When thinking about psychological testing, it can be confusing to decide which path you should take and who exactly will have your child’s best interest in mind. On one hand, school-affiliated testing may seem like a convenient solution. It is free, and it is completed in an accessible and familiar environment. However, the amount of time it takes to receive results and get resources from the school can take months. On the other hand, parents often need to conduct their own research to determine which private practitioner will work well with their child’s personality and temperament.

Let’s Talk Private Testing!

There is no doubt that school-based evaluations may be advantageous for busy or multi-children households, but asking the right questions about whether your child will be appropriately guided and tested should be the main concern a parent keeps in mind when deciding which path to take. When your child requires additional support in school, you will want to consider all possible options that will help your child succeed in their learning environments. This is where testing with a private practitioner may make a difference. Private practitioners are not affiliated with the school. They can also take the time necessary to fully understand your child as a whole by completing all of the testing themselves. Through private psychological testing, part of the testing also includes building rapport with the child to ensure all of the testing results are a reflection of their true self.

What Are The Benefits of Private Testing?

There are many benefits to having testing completed by a private practitioner, such as a psychologist like Dr. Arduengo. It can be easy to assume that an educational institution will have your child’s best interests at heart, but the procedures and guidelines that these institutions have to follow sometimes plays a role in the evaluation process. From legal guidelines to understaffing concerns, there could be a number of issues that a parent may run into when trying to obtain testing for their child in the school. This is where a private practitioner can step in and fulfill the role of an accessible and esteemed resource since they are not affiliated with the school.

Below are some ways in which a private psychological testing practitioner may be able to help your child:

  • Prompt testing and informative results
  • Personalized testing experiences for your child
  • Constant communication between the practitioner and the parent
  • Extensive testing to ensure your child receives the correct diagnosis
  • Ability to gauge the best learning environment for your child

Below is a list of pros and cons when considering a school-based evaluation versus a private evaluation:

Here To Help Your Child Grow.

As a parent, you want to provide the best possible experience for your child throughout their academic career. There is no doubt that there are benefits to testing within the school system – such as zero cost to the parent and in-house testing – but when considering the options, it is crucial to keep in mind what will allow your child to feel most comfortable and safe. Private testing may not be for everyone, and each family’s road to understanding their child through psychological testing is unique. Giving yourself the benefit of keeping an open mind about your alternatives may make all the difference to your family. If you are considering private psychological testing for your child, please feel free to read more about psychological evaluations and reach out to PEARS, PLLC where Dr. Arduengo will take the utmost care of your child and provide you with a comprehensive and individualized testing experience. You can contact us by filling out this form with your contact information, and Dr. Arduengo will get back with you to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have.

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