Adult ADHD: How A Diagnosis Can Change Your Life

Adult ADHD: How A Diagnosis Can Change Your Life

You Finally Took The Leap!

You have decided to jump into learning whether or not you are living with ADHD. That’s great news! When it comes to a life-altering decision, taking the first step is the most courageous thing you could do. You are taking your health and your future into your own hands and choosing to find your best self. But what does that first step look like?

It depends! There are many different paths you could explore when considering an assessment. One path could be to get information about ADHD and what some of the symptoms could be. Another path could be to pay attention to your everyday behavioral patterns and determine what questions you want to be answered. Ultimately, a large part of your journey will begin when you research and consult with various professionals. A testing psychologist can conduct an evaluation to determine if you have ADHD. This is where you will receive the opportunity to get an accurate picture of your overall functioning as it relates to ADHD. There are different subtypes and symptoms of ADHD, and each are represented uniquely. Therefore, it can be important to reach out to a competent psychologist to help you get the best action plan.

Everything Has Changed

Congratulations! You leaped, and you landed on your feet. You finally have a solid, research-based answer to the questions you have been asking yourself. That’s a huge move! Suddenly, it feels like your eyes have been opened as to how you navigate the world. Sometimes, this can be exciting and new, but it can also be overwhelming and confusing. Fortunately, there is a huge library of tools and resources that are available to help you understand your new diagnosis.

Don’t hesitate to learn as much as possible because the ADHD symptoms that you are experiencing will be unique to you. By observing and understanding your diagnosis, you can fully comprehend how it affects your behaviors on a day-to-day basis.

You Can Move Forward Confidently

For many adults, learning that they have been living with ADHD is like finding a missing piece to a puzzle they didn’t know they were completing. They find themselves being able to spot how their ADHD affects their thinking and behaviors, and they learn how to seek solutions to help aid their unique brain style. Having empathy for yourself, even when you make mistakes, is key to fully embracing what makes you unique.

Now that you have a diagnosis, new opportunities for connection and community are presented. The benefit of receiving a diagnosis is knowing that you are not alone. ADHD is commonly diagnosed in children, but ADHD diagnoses in adults have become increasingly popular over the years as society has become more informed and educated on ADHD. This has led to a growing population of adults who are navigating their new diagnoses together rather than alone. Creating these safe spaces for yourself to explore your new diagnosis while also being open to the new experiences it could bring you is crucial to maintaining a healthy balanced life.

Get To Know Yourself Better Today

If you are an adult who is looking for a testing psychologist to help you look further into ADHD, please contact PEARS. PLLC. Dr. Arduengo can help you come to terms with any potential diagnosis with compassion and empathy.

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